Agile HR

The pace of change today is unparalleled.  Getting your teams to work cohesively while navigating competing global initiatives, managing change, and aligning stakeholders is creating extraordinary complexity for you.  

Learn how to manage work differently.

Build a Backlog

Are you having trouble keeping track of the work? Leverage this tool to drive alignment, manage competing priorities, and keep teams connected.

Leverage Agile Rituals

Daily stand-ups, mid-level planning, demos, and backlog grooming sound like a foreign language?  You'll be surprised at what these rituals can do for your teams and projects!

Work in Sprints

The iterative nature of this framework allows for constant delivery of value to your customers, but also ultimate flexibility when priorities change.

Develop an ultra-nimble response to change.

Did you just acquire another company and now you're not sure how you're going to get it all done considering the work you already have planned?

Work faster and accomplish more than you thought possible by leveraging frameworks built on Agile principles but created for HR teams.

HR Agility Frameworks™ provide a recommended roadmap to take advantage of all the benefits of Agile, but with minimal disruption to your teams and your customers showing you how and what to do first.

Manage complexity with precision coordination.

Do you find that you have different people from different teams trying to deliver the same thing in different ways? 

Are business users not leveraging tools that your teams have built because they find them too cumbersome?

Do you have projects with intersecting outcomes or dependencies?

HR Agility Frameworks™ Project Management provides you with a way for your teams to coordinate without missing a beat.

Blog Posts

Focused on the latest research, innovation, and evolving best practices for HR professionals.

Confused about what Agile can bring to HR?

Agile – Demystified for HR™ will give you an overview what Agile is, how it is relevant to HR, and an actual plan for leveraging the concepts.


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